Symbiosis / Director’s Cut

‘Symbiosis’ is as a game about the interaction of a character and a camera. He operates the camera with his movements: the zoom, the focus, the edition. He’s an elegant guy, a modern classic, iconic, stylish. He is a stubborn control-freak but on top of that, he’s a ‘real good dancer’.

Client: Rdio
Production Co.: Blacklist

Direction & Art Direction: Dvein
Character Design: Dvein
Character Modeling & Texturing: Luis Gómez Guzmán
Character Rig Set-up: Víctor Vinyals
Character Animation: Hugo García
Background Modeling & Texturing: Alba Ribera
Lighting, Render & Compositing: Blow Studio

Music: «Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer» by The Dismemberment Plan
Audio Mix: David Trillo at Magma Grabaciones

Symbiosis / Director's CutKokojaten